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Tree Care

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Tree Care Service Trimming and Removal

Serving Red Deer, Drumheller, and Surrounding Areas

Let us take care of your trees for you!

  • Tree Cutting – Looking to have an overgrown, sickly or annoying tree removed from your yard? Our professional team can remove unwanted trees.
  • Stump Grinding & Removal – Do you have a stump problem, and need it taken care of? Our stump grinding service includes using the proper equipment for the job, and we do so while maintaining a safe and clean work area.
  • Tree Trimming – Are your trees getting out of control? We can trim trees and shrubs of all heights and widths with our bucket service.
  • Tree Pruning – Get your trees and shrubs trimmed properly. We prune so that the branches grow back in the proper direction, shaping the tree or shrub properly.
  • Tree & Branch Removal – We can also help you when it comes to removing an entire tree, or even just a few branches. We always provide a safe working environment when working on your tree issues.